Writing table

Ref: 2260
  • Designer / Maker

    The design attributed to Charles Bevan (fl. circa 1860-circa 82)

    Manufactured by Marsh & Jones (partnership 1864-70)

  • Detail

    Maple, with inlaid decoration in various woods; the leather top of later date

    70 x 107 x 55.5 cm

    English (Leeds), circa 1865

  • Note

    For Marsh & Jones, see Lindsay Boynton, ‘High Victorian Furniture: The Example of Marsh and Jones of Leeds’, Furniture History III (1967), pp. 54-91.

    For Charles Bevan, see H. Blairman & Sons, Gothic-Revival Furniture by Charles Bevan, n.d. [2006].

    A table of identical form, now in a private collection, was acquired from Blairman’s in 2020 (see archive section on website).