Ref: 2024
  • Designer

    Designed by E.W. Godwin (1833-86)

  • Detail

    Leaded stained glass, and coloured glass with prunts

    62.6 x 38.5 cm

    English, circa 1867

  • Provenance

    Probably Dromore Castle; […]; Mullens Laurel Park, Dublin, 10 August 2015; private collection

  • Literature

    Soros, Susan Weber, et al., E.W. Godwin Aesthetic Movement Architect and Designer, New York, and New Haven and London, 1999

    Susan Weber (intro.), E.W. Godwin Furniture, London, 2018, no. 7

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    This is likely one of twelve windows designed by Godwin for the drawing room at Dromore Castle. The windows depicted the months of the year, based on Edmund Spenser’s The Shepheardes Calender (1579), which draws on the zodiac – see Soros (op. cit.), p. 194 and fig. 7–11. The figure drawing an arrow is surely Sagittarius, therefore November, the iconography confirmed by the arrow borders. The principal figure is presumably Colin, who is portrayed by Spenser in November, lamenting a dead maiden.

    Dromore Castle stands in dramatic disrepair, having been de-roofed in 1954 to avoid the payment of rates (see the Irish Aesthete -www.theirishaesthete, March 2014). The magical architectural remains, revealing much about Godwin’s friendship with William Burges, are punctuated by empty openings, that likely formerly contained, presumably leaded and stained glass, windows. The present example, melding elements of gothic and aesthetic taste, appears to be the first to be identified.