Ref: 2166
  • Designer / Maker

    After a design by Ernest Gimson


    Manufactured by Alfred Bucknell


  • Detail

    Gilded brass, now worn, and wrought iron

    100 x 69 x 36 cm (top of ‘spike’, West to East,  beak to tail)

    English (Waterlane), circa 1928

  • Provenance

    Painswick Lodge, Painswick; in situ until 2018

  • Literature

    Ernest Gimson His Life & Work, 1924, pl. 50 (for the same model made during Gimson’s lifetime)

  • Note

    The description for pl. 50 reads: ‘WEATHERCOCK. Working Drawing for a weathercock in brass gilt. Part only shewn’. One other example of this design is known to exist, perhaps the one cited above; it remains at Stoneywell Cottage, built in 1899 by Detmar Blow (1867–1939) in collaboration with Gimson for his brother Sydney Gimson (1860–1938).