Ref: 2551
  • Designer /Maker

    Designed and manufactured by Peter Waals (1870-1937)

  • Detail

    Cedar and ebony

    188 x 117 x 63 cm

    English (Chalford), 1930s

  • Provenance

    Arthur Mitchell (1873-1965), Glenfall House, Charlton Kings

  • Note

    In 1920 Glenfall House, Charlton Kings was purchased by Arthur Mitchell.  The house, which Mitchell enlarged, had been rebuilt in 1808 for the then owner Charles Higgs.  Mitchell employed Sidney Barnsley, Norman Jewson and Peter Waals to extend and furnish the house, and to create the terraced gardens to the west of the house, with the orchard beyond.  The house remained in Mitchell’s ownership until 1965, after which much of the Arts & Crafts furniture that he had commissioned was sold.  The auction was held by Young and Gilling of Cheltenham, 24-25 November 1965.  Furniture has subsequently been sold by descendants.