Ref: 2364
  • Designer / Maker

    In the manner of A.W.N. Pugin (1812-52)

    Manufactured by Gillow (1730-1897)

  • Detail

    Walnut, the leather top of later date

    84 x 90 x 65 cm

    English (Lancaster), 1860s

  • Marked

    Stamped ‘GILLOW’ under the frame on one of the long sides (see right)

  • Notes

    The original use of this table, which is unusually tall for a piece of this form, is unknown; it must, however, have been for a particular purpose.  Tables conforming to this pattern are still to be found at the Palace of Westminster.  For example, a walnut table (height 73.5 cm) is thought to have been made for Speaker’s House.

    Holland & Sons also supplied more conventionally proportioned writing tables in the late 1850s.

    This form of Gillow stamp is found on some Palace of Westminster furniture; see for example, Susan Stuart, ‘A Survey of Marks, Labels, and Stamps used on Gillow and Waring & Gillow Furniture 1770-1960’, Regional Furniture, 1998, pp.58-93, fig. 13, a Pugin-designed chair.