• Designer / Maker

    Designed and manufactured by Gordon Russell (1892-1980)

  • Detail


    31 x 38 x 38 cm

    English (Broadway), perhaps 1924-26 (?)

  • Provenance

    Sir Gordon and Lady Russell, and by descent […]; with David Pickup; private collection

  • Exhibited

    ‘Gordon Russell Exhibition, 1919’ (according to modern, hand-written label, but perhaps exhibited later)

  • Labelled

    ‘Russell & Sons, / Broadway Worcs.’ (metal label) and ‘G R exhibition – 1919 / 30-32 / one of 3 stools lent / by Lady Russell / oak 1919’ (later paper label) – see right

  • Note

    This early example of Russell furniture shows the designers familiarity with seventeenth-century joint stools, of a type that he probably restored for his father’s Lygon Arms hotel.

    It seems likely that the stool, if lent by Lady Russell to an exhibition as stated on the paper label, was manufactured and shown at a date later than 1919.

    Thanks to John Beer for his thoughts.