Side cabinet

Ref: 2777
  • Designer / Maker

    The design attributed to Charles Bevan (fl. circa 1860–82)
    The manufacture attributed to Marsh & Jones (partnership 1864–70)

  • Detail

    Satinwood, inlaid with harewood, purpleheart, ebony and boxwood; giltwood mouldings and mirror glass

    137.2 × 137.2 ×38.1 cm

    English (probably Leeds), circa 1865

  • Provenance

    […]; H. Blairman & Sons; private collection

  • Literature

    H. Blairman & Sons, Furniture and Works of Art (2010), no. 10

  • Notes

    The design of the present cabinet has many features in common with two, somewhat grander cabinets designed by Bevan and supplied by Marsh & Jones to Titus Salt, around 1865–70. The first, with a tall, arched mirror above, is at Lotherton Hall; see Christopher Gilbert, Furniture at Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall, III, Leeds, 1998, no. 685. The second, with a low back, is in the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum; see Mary Ann Steiner (ed.), The Saint Louis Art Museum Handbook of the Collection, Saint Louis, 1991, p. 118.

    Other related cabinets include a satinwood two-door cabinet in an English private collection and another, in walnut, in an American private collection; see H. Blairman & Sons, Furniture and Works of Art (2005), no. 9.  A cabinet, identical to the present example, is in an English private collection.

    For more on Charles Bevan see H. Blairman & Sons, Gothic-Revival Furniture by Charles Bevan, London, n.d. [2006].