53-piece 'Service Rousseau'

Ref: 100
  • Designer / Maker /Retailer

    Designed by Félix Bracquemond (1833-1914)

    For Eugène Rousseau (1827-90)

    Manufactured by Creil et Montereau

  • Detail

    Printed and painted faience

    Various sizes

    French (Paris), 1866-75

  • Exhibited

    Paris Exposition Universelle, 1867 (a ‘complete’ service)

  • Literature

    Bouillon, Shimzu & Thiébaut, Art, industrie et japonisme: Le service “Rousseau”, 1988 (for a discussion of the complete service)

  • Note

    We are, at present, offering 40 plates (of which ten are marginally smaller), two large oval platters, a smaller oval platter, a fish platter, four tureens and, four tazzas and a lobed bowl.  The thirty larger plates divided into groups of ten: birds, fish and flowers, and the marginally smaller plates have mixed decoration.

    One of the two smallest tureens has a repair to one side and the second to the handles, and some of the blue ‘feathering’ around a few of the plates has been touched in.