Ref: 2375
  • Maker / Retailer

    Manufactured by Minton (1793-1968)

    Retailed by Phillips of Bond Street

  • Detail

    English (Stoke-on-Trent), 1870

  • Marked

    Minton date mark for 1870 (incised), and retailers mark for Phillips (see right)

  • Provenance

    Supplied to Alfred Morrison & his wife Mabel (Chermside), Carlton House Terrace, London

  • Literature

    Mrs Haweis, Beautiful Houses, London1882), pp. 59-60 

  • Notes
    The monogram ‘AM’ interlaced with ‘C’ is for Alfred Morrison and Mabel Chermside, whom he married in 1866.
    The critic Mrs Haweis in Beautiful Houses (loc. cit.), writing about 16, Carlton House Terrace, describes Mrs Morrison’s private second floor sitting room: ‘One of the most curious features of the house – and enormous cabinet, filled with a pretentious service of Minton’s ware – occupies one wall of the room’.
    Our plate, in a condition and of a quality (very richly gilded) that suggests it was displayed rather than used, seems likely to be from what Haweis acidly describes as a ‘pretentious service’.  It was supplied by the retailer Phillips of Bond Street.
    A further group of plates from this set is currently on the market in New York.
    Four plates of this pattern are available, individually