Pair of torchères and candelabra

  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by Robert Adam (1728-92)

  • Provenance

    2nd Earl Bathurst (1714-94), Apsley House, London (a set of four); [. . .]; Margaret T. Biddle; H.Blairman & Sons Ltd., 1979; private collections

  • Collection

    American private collection

  • Notes

    Robert Adam’s design for the torchères, based on the form of a Roman candelabrum, is in Sir John Soane’s Museum, London (Vol. 20, No. 169, box 3 ). The drawing is inscribed ‘Design of a Glass frame for the pier in the Great Drawing room at Bathurst House’ – now Apsley House; it is dated 31 January 1778.

    Adam’s work at Apsley House (1771-78) has been all but obliterated by alterations and enlargements dating from 1819 and 1827-30. Drawings in Sir John Soane’s Museum show that a large number of designs were supplied for this considerable commission, including for an Etruscan room, a hall, great parlour, library, dining room and two drawing rooms. Specific furniture designs included mirrors, girandoles, commodes, tables, sofas and chairs.

    The second pair of torchères and candelabra from this set is also in a private collection.