• Designer / Maker

    Designed and manufactured by James Powell & Sons (firm active 1834–1980)

  • Detail

    Enamelled glass, with gilded lead

    36 x 31 cm

    English (Whitefriars), circa 1885

  • Literature

    H. Blairman & Sons, Furniture and Works of Art (2015), under no. 12 (where noted in a private collection)

  • Provenance

    […]; English private collection

  • Notes

    The only known source for the identification of the group of mirrors to which the present example belongs, shown to date from between the late 1870s and the mid 1880s, is a 10-page manuscript catalogue, inscribed on the first page: ‘Messrs James Powell & Sons / Whitefriars Glassworks…’

    http://www.whitefriars.com/catalogues/1865/index.php .

    The volume contains ten beautifully rendered designs. Mirrors are shown with or without candle arms, and either white decorated on a blue ground, or with blue decoration on a white ground.

    The right-hand vertical panel with old repair