Ref: 2463
  • Designer and maker

    Designed and manufactured by Countess Feodora von Gleichen (1861-1922)

  • Detail

    Painted and gilded wood, bronze and mirror glass

    47 x 39.5 cm (max. width)

    English (London), circa 1916

  • Inscribed

    ‘Countess F. Gleichen / Studio / St james’s Palace / smith [?] (behind the back panel – see right)

  • Exhibited

    Probably Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society exhibition, 1916, no. 459: ‘COUNTESS FEODORA GLEICHEN (QQ) Mirror. Bronze and gilt wood £6.6s

  • Provenance

    Private collection

  • Notes

    The sculptress Feodora von Gleichen, who was married to Count Gleichen, a half-cousin to Queen Victoria, studied under Alfred Legros at the Slade School, and afterwards in Rome. Much of her work, which was not prolific, appears to have consisted of busts and other works for the Royal Family; she also made statuettes, memorials, fountains and garden ornaments, as well as small examples of metalwork, medals, enamels and mosaics.

    A jade and bronze hand mirror, set with moonstones (with Blairman, 2011, private collection) may be identical with the one exhibited by Gleichen at the Paris Exposition Universelle, 1900, and for which she was awarded a bronze medal.  A mirror of the same form, with an ivory handle, was illustrated in The Studio, 13 (1898), p. 264.