Lamp table

Ref: 2291
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed and manufactured by W.A.S. Benson (1854-1924)

  • Detail

    Copper and brass, with iron support under top

    69 x 48 cm (diameter)

    English (London), circa 1900

  • Literature

    W.A.S. Benson, Price List of Fittings for Oil, Gas, Candle Table Ware, &c., 1899–1900 (trade catalogue), pl. 26, no. 480A

    Ian Hamerton, ed., W.A.S. Benson: Arts and Crafts Luminary and Pioneer of Modern Design, 2005, pl. 53 (the same design)

  • Marked

    ‘Rd No 227388’, ‘W.A.S. Benson’ and ‘C’ (see below).  This number, which was registered in February 1894, is for the tray

  • Note

    The copper ‘lily pad’ that forms the top of the table was also available as a tray, in various sizes and either with simple geometric patterning or with flowers; the finish was either plain copper, or silver-plated.

    Examples of this table are in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago (with iron base, 1993.351) illustrated in Hamerton, op. cit., and the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (identical to the present example, 92.001); both tables were acquired from Blairman.

    The central hole would have been for a standard lamp fitting.