Ref: 2186
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by Dr Christopher Dresser  (1834-1904)

    Manufactured by the Linthorpe Art Pottery  (1879-89)

  • Detail

    Glazed earthenware

    23.5 cm (high)

    English (Middlesbrough), circa 1880

  • Marked

    Marked for Linthorpe, with facsimile signature for Christopher Dresser, ‘HT’ (for Henry Tooth) and pattern number 339 (see right)

  • Notes

    The form of this jug is probably based on Minoan or Cycladic pottery, as were many of Dresser’s designs for Linthorpe Art Pottery.  See, for example, jugs in the collection of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum (right)

    Among several other examples of this model, each with variations in the glaze, are the following:

    Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1988.423.1).

    Collection of Gilbert & George, see Ann Dumas, ‘Ceramics and glass by Christopher Dresser in an English collection’, The Magazine Antiques, June 1988, p. 1346.

    Collection of Lotherton Hall, Leeds (acquired from H. Blairman & Sons, 2018).

    For a version with a ‘cockerel head’ stopper, see Truth Beauty Power –  The Designs of Dr Christopher Dresser – The John Scott Collection, 2014, no. 67 (acquired by H. Blairman & Sons and now in a private collection).