'Holy Water Vat'

Ref: 2065
  • Maker

    Manufactured by John Hardman & Co. (1839-1900)

  • Detail


    56 cm (high, to top of handle)

    English (Birmingham), third quarter of nineteenth century


  • Inscribed

    ‘ONE LORD /ONE FAITH /ONE BAPTISM’ (on band around the centre)

  • Notes

    See, for a similar example, John Hardman & Co., trade catalogue, 1870s (?), unpaginated, ‘Fonts, Jugs, Vats, &c., /  4 Holy Water Vat in Brass’ for a 10″ [diameter?] example priced £1 16 0.  Under 5 (illustrated) is a slightly smaller vat, engraved, priced £8 0 0.

    Many of the designs in this Hardman catalogue were created by A.W.N. Pugin, while others are by John Hardman Powell.