Four candle stands

  • Designer / Maker

    Manufactured by James Pascall (fl. 1733-54)


  • Detail

    Gilded pine and walnut; the gilding of later date

    48 in (122 cm) high

    English (London), 1745-46

  • Provenance

    7th Viscount Irwin, Temple Newsam, Leeds

  • Collection

    Leeds City Council, at Temple Newsam

  • Literature

    Christopher Gilbert, Furniture at Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall, II, (Leeds, 1978), no. 353 (with references to earlier publications).

    David Hill, ‘James Pascall and the Long Gallery Suite at Temple Newsam’, Furniture History, XVII (1981), pp. 70-74.

  • Notes

    David Hill’s rediscovery of a bill, published in Furniture History (op. cit., pp.73-74), confirmed Christopher Gilbert’s earlier attribution of these ‘carved stands’ to James Pascall. The eight stands were supplied, two at a time, between August 1745 and August 1746. The first ‘Rich pair of Carved Stands Gilt ditto [in burnished gold]’ were charged at £26 and the second pair cost the same. By 1746 the cost had increased to £28. 13s. 6d per pair.

    The rest of Pascall’s suite, now back at Temple Newsam, comprises 20 chairs (Hill, pl. 50), four settees (Hill, pl. 51a), a couch (Hill, pl. 51b), a pair of gesso-topped console tables (Hill, pl. 52) and a pair of girandoles (Hill, pl.55). In addition, there is a magnificent pair of marble-topped side tables at Floors Castle (Hill, pl. 53). It is very much hoped that these too might some day be returned for exhibition, if not permanently.