Two fireplace inserts

  • Designer / Makers

    The insert designed by Thomas Jeckyll (1827-81)

    Manufactured by Barnard, Bishop and Barnard (1826-1955), and the tiles manufactured by Minton Hollins

  • Detail

    Cast-iron, and transfer-printed earthenware

    92 x 81 x 2.74 cm

    English (Norwich), circa 1873, and

    the tiles English (Stoke-on-Trent)

  • Literature

    See Susan Weber Soros and Catherine Arbuthnott,Thomas Jeckyll Architect Designer, 1827-1881, 2003, Fig. 6-31 (for an example formerly with the Fine Art Society)

  • Collections

    Private collections

  • Note

    The design registered 24 November 1873