Fire screen

Ref: 2322
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by Owen Jones (1809-74)

    Manufactured by Jackson & Graham (1836-85)

  • Detail

    Satinwood, purpleheart, harewood and holly; the silk of later date

    125 x 67 cm

    English (London), circa 1867-70

  • Provenance

    Presumably Alfred Morrison, Carlton House Terrace; […]; private collection until 2020

  • Notes

    It seems likely (although there is no early provenance) that the fire screen is from the furnishings supplied to Alfred Morrison for Carlton House Terrace; the ornament corresponds with that on other recorded furniture associated with the commission.

    Included in the Catalogue of Works by the Late Owen Jones at the London International Exhibition, 1874 (at which Morrison was a big lender) was ‘no. 199 Inlaid Screen (Boudoir)’, but this is an insufficient description to allow a positive identification.

    A second fire screen was included in The John Scott Collection, ‘Modern English’ Design from the 1860s and 1870s (2014), no. 57.

    A growing corpus of furniture designed by Owen Jones, manufactured by Jackson & Graham and thought to have been designed for Morrsion’s London house is emerging.  This includes a magnificent display cabinet, three armchairs, a side chair, two writing tables, a small marble-topped table, some panelling, and a piano.  Other furniture, supplied for Fonthill, is also recorded.