• Maker

    Designed and manufactured by Benjamin Vulliamy (1747–1811), or his son Benjamin  Lewis Vulliamy (1780–1854)

  • Detail


    23 × 51 cm (approximately)

    English (London), circa 1810

  • Marked

    ‘Pub’d by Vulliamy / London May 12 1810’, across the top of the wings (see right)

  • Provenance

    […]; probably Christie’s (London), 23 June 1982, lot 176; private collection; with David Pickup, 2019

  • Note

    Roger Smith notes that Vulliamy used these large eagles, both gilded and patinated bronze, for a number of very large hanging lamps/chandeliers with four or six burners and for at least one bronze candelabrum. The earliest of these were delivered in 1811, which would fit the engraved copyright date of May 1810. The records suggest that they usually held a snake in their talons.

    Unfortunately, no complete lamp has been noted to date, but Smith reports a gilt eagle of this model, which held a snake in its right foot, resting on a slightly domed base that may have been the top cover for an oil reservoir.