'Dining table'

Ref: 2493
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by Gordon Russell (1892-1980)

    Manufactured in the Gordon Russell workshop

  • Detail


    71 x 182 x 84 cm

    English (Broadway), 1930s (?)

  • Provenance

    Bt repute, Brock, Trebetherick, designed by Charles Cowles-Voysey and built in 1936

  • Notes

    Russell designed this table, no. 262, in 1925, but in the absence of a label it is not possible to date this example precisely. The size was given as 6′ x 2’9″ x 2″5″, and it was priced at £21 in oak, or £22.10s. in brown oak, making it amongst the costliest of Russell’s production at the time.

    For an identical table, probably supplied to the Terra Nova School, Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, see H. Blairman & Sons, Furniture and Works of Art (2016), no. 19, where the original design is reproduced.

    A version of the present table can be seen in a 1920s photograph of Russell’s Lygon Cottage showrooms; see Jeremy Myerson, Gordon Russell: Designer of Furniture, 1992, p. 39.