Christening Mug

Ref: 2391
  • Designer / Retailer / /Maker / Chaser

    Designed by Richard Redgrave (1804-88),

    for Felix Summerly’s [Henry Cole’s] Art Manufactures (circa 1846-50)

    Manufactured by Benjamin Preston (b. 1796)

    The chasing attributed to Aimé Chesneau (b. 1822)


  • Detail


    Height: 12.7 cm

    English (London), 1864

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    This mug is one of only two of this design known to survive. The other, made a year later, is in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum (VAM 371-1865).

    According to the V&A’s records, its example was ordered from the London retailer Harry Emanuel. This second mug, which varies a little in its details, is engraved under the base, recording that it was purchased from Emanuel and engraved by Aimé Chesneau.

    On the V&A example, the angels do not have halos; their hair is longer; the children are in slightly different poses, and the handle is different.

    The original design by Redgrave was published in the catalogue Art Manufactures Collected by Felix Summerly, 1847.  The first recorded (gilded) example (now apparently lost) was shown at the Great Exhibition, 1851; it is illustrated in the Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue, 1851, p. 159.

    The design references the Ninety-First Psalm, ‘He shall defend you under his wings, and thus shalt be safe under his feathers’.

    Aimé Chesneau was born in Paris and had trained under the sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse.  He is first recorded in London in 1846 and although he made frequent trips across the Channel, he is recorded in the English census records for 1851 and 1871.