• Designer / Maker

    After a design by Charles Lock Eastlake (1836-1906)

    Manufactured by Heath, Butler and Bayne

    The painted panels attributed to Clement Heaton (1824-82)


  • Detail


    21i x 150 x 63.5 cm

    English, circa 1867

  • Exhibited

    Probably Paris Exposition Universelle, 1867

  • Literature

    C.L. Eastlake, Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details, London, 1868, frontispiece.

  • Collection

    Private collection.

  • Notes

    The present cabinet, or possibly a second version (private collection) was exhibited at the Paris Exposition Universelle, 1867. In the Catalogue of Architectural Designs and Models… it was described as an ‘Oak Cabinet, intended [to] be used as a Chiffonier and Sideboard for Dining Room, from the designs of CHAS. L. EASTLAKE, Esq.’

    In the Reports on the Paris Universal Exhibition, 1867, London, 1868, the ‘Report on Fancy Furniture …’ by J.H. Pollen noted: ‘The Gothic sideboard of Messrs, Heaton and Butler (15), in the Architectural Court, is worth examination. Like the press of Messrs. Hayward in the same place, it is decorated with paintings, in the form of panels representing the months …’ (p. 300).

    The critic in The Builder, XXV (1867), p. 344 was ‘disappointed to find … but one article exhibited illustrative of the work carried out by Messrs. Heaton, Butler, & Bayne as decorators and decorative furniture makers …’ although the article concluded that it did not ‘warrant unqualified praise …’