• Designer / Maker

    Designed by E. W. Godwin (1833-86)

    The manufacture probably by Collinson & Lock (1870-97)

  • Detail

    Ebonised mahogany, with gilt-leaded glass and brass handles

    164 x 78 x 47.4 cm

    English (London), circa 1875

  • Provenance

    With H. Blairman & Sons, 1995; Saretta Barnet until 2017

  • Literature

    Cynthia Zarin, ‘New York State of Mind’, Architectural Digest, March 1999, p. 114 (showing the cabinet in situ in the apartment designed by Thad Hayes)

    Susan Weber Soros, The Secular Furniture of E.W. Godwin, 1999, probably 331-a

    Susan Moore, ‘Window into the creative mind’, Financial Times, 2 December 2017 (on Howard and Saretta Barnet as collectors)

    Susan Weber (intro.), E.W. Godwin FURNITURE, 2018, no. 11

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    It has been suggested that the design might be one of the three display cabinets supplied by Godwin to Collinson & Lock in 1873 (Soros, 1999, pp. 206-07).

    A closely related rosewood cabinet of this form, with more elaborate brassware (acquired from Blairman for a private collection) is stamped Collinson & Lock (Soros, 1999, no. 331). Mitchell Wolfson Jnr acquired another cabinet, identical to the present example for the Wolfsonian-FIU, Miami Beach, Florida (Soros, 1999, no. 331-b).