•  Designer / Maker

    Designed by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott (1865-1945)

    Manufactured by John P. White

  • Detail

    Mahogany, inlaid with holly, pewter, bone and ebony; the handles of wrought iron and glass

    121.8 x 66.4 cm x 42.5 cm

    English (Bedford), circa 1901

  • Literature

    Furniture Made at the Pyghtle Works Bedford by John P. White Designed by M.H. Baillie Scott, trade catalogue, Bedford (?), 1901, p.27, No.47

  • Collection

    The Art Institute of Chicago

  • Notes

    Described as a ‘Work cabinet’, the form of the present example corresponds precisely with the one shown in the Pyghtle Works’ catalogue. The cabinet was available in oak, priced £10-10-0d or as here, in mahogany, priced £11-11-0d.

    In either case, it was to be ‘Inlaid with pewter, ebony, holly, &c., in relief’. The elaborate wrought iron and glass handles, a contemporary embellishment, can be compared with those shown as No.79 in the same catalogue.

    In the ‘Introduction’ to the Pyghtle Works catalogue, Baillie Scott and White explain that: ‘The Furniture which is illustrated in the following pages has been designed and made to meet the requirements of those who, appreciating soundness of workmanship and reasonableness in design, have not found their wants supplied by the Furniture offered to the public in the modern cabinet-maker’s shop.’

    As with much of Baillie Scott’s furniture, the flat surfaces of the doors were intended as a background to a clearly drawn decorative motif. A variant of the ‘bird in flight’ appears on its own before the first plate in the Pyghtle Works catalogue and is used on furniture, in several forms, throughout the publication.