• Designer / Maker

    Designed by C.R. Ashbee (1863-1942)

    Manufactured by the Guild of Handicraft

  • Detail

    Stained oak, holly and various fruitwoods, steel and leather

    200 cm) x 103 cm x 53 cm

    English, circa 1900

  • Collection

    Private collection, Germany

  • Notes

    The form of this cabinet corresponds with furniture designed at about the same date by Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott and manufactured for him by the Guild of Handicraft. From the late 1890s Ashbee designed furniture, notably his version of the famous Manxman piano, all of which owes a clear debt to Baillie Scott.

    The present cabinet is remarkable for retaining its original blue-green stain, a feature that has very often faded from furniture of this period. The doors open to reveal an interior veneered with inlaid holly and drawers with pierced metal handles.