Ref: 100020
  • Maker

    Manufactured by Charles Vyse (1882-1971)

  • Detail


    Diameter: 17 cm

    English (London), 1928

  • Marked

    Incised ‘C V / 1928’ under base (see below)

  • Provenance

    […]; private collection

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    Charles Vyse, at the time this bowl was manufactured, was working from Cheyne Walk in Chelsea.  His neighbour at the time was George Eumorfopoulos, who had amassed a large collection of Chinese, Korean and Persian pottery. These caught Vyse’s interest, and he started experimenting with Asian-inspired forms and glazes.

    In shape and more particularly glaze, the present bowl is in imitation of a group of Qing stoneware and porcelain monochromes (oxblood, peach, green), of which this is a blend.  The form may well be a wide-mouth censer on cloud-shaped feet. Connoisseurs would have valued the bubbles in the glaze as well.

    We are grateful to Kee Il Choi for his thoughts.