• Designer / Maker

    The design attributed to John Hardman Powell (1827-95)

    Manufactured by John Hardman & Co. (1838-1900)

  • Detail


    Height: 11.5 cm

    English (Birmingham), 1872

  • Provenance

    Almost certainly a christening present from John Bernard Hardman (1843-1903), Director of stained glass and ecclesiastical metal works at Hardman & Co., to his niece and Goddaughter Gwendoline (b. 1872)

  • Marked

    Maker’s marks for Hardman (see right), and monogrammed ‘JBH’ and ‘GH’

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes
    The register of Gwendoline’s baptism in St Chad’s, confirms that Hardman was her Godfather (11 February 1872). Gwendoline, was the daughter of Hardman’s younger brother George Edward Hardman. George’s wife was Winefride [? sp.] Hansom – the daughter of Joseph (1803-92, the architect and inventor of the Hansom cab.