Altar Gates

Ref: 1879
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-78)

    Manufactured by Francis Skidmore (1817-96)

  • Detail

    Brass, wrought and cast iron, with traces of polychrome painted decoration and hardstone cabochons (the supporting stand of later date)

    71 x 117 x11 cm

    English (Coventry), circa 1862

  • Provenance

    By repute the Minster and Parish Church of Saint Peter-at-Leeds (Leeds Minster), 1839-41 by Robert Dennis Chantrell (1793-1872)

  • Notes

    The design of the gates should be compared with the grilles on the Hereford Screen, now at the V&A; see The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the International Exhibition 1862, p. 158; detail below.

    See British Art Studies, Issue 7 (April 2017):  For a discussion on the relationship between designer and maker, see, in particular, Alicia Robinson ‘Collaborations Between Scott and Skidmore’,

    The present gates have features in common with some of the best known nineteenth-century iron work produced by Skidmore.  Examples, in addition to the Hereford Screen, include the Lichfield Screen, 1855-61 and the Albert Memorial, 1866-75.

    See Huw Jones and Annette Wickham, Francis Skidmore: A Coventry Craftsman, Coventry, 2003.

    No physical or documentary evidence has been found to confirm the provenance of these gates.