'Thebes' stool

Ref: 2202
  • Retailer

    Liberty & Co. (1875-present)

  • Detail


    34 x 42 x 36 cm

    English (probably High Wycombe), after 1884

  • Labelled

    ”LIBERTY & Co’ / LONDON’ on metal label under seat (see right)

  • Notes

    The design of this three-legged stool is based on an ancient Egyptian prototype, an example of which, dating to 1550-1300 BC, is in the collection of the British Museum (EA 2481).  The Liberty stool, patented in 1884, is one of three models, copying Egyptian originals, retailed by the firm.  For a full discussion of the nineteenth century’s fascination with Egyptian stools see Donato Esposito, ‘From Ancient Egypt to Victorian London: the impact of ancient Egyptian furniture on British art and design 1850-1900’, The Journal of the Decorative Art Society, 27 (2003), pp. 81-93.

    This model was later reprised by the Austrian architect Adolph Loos (1870-1933).