'Antwerpen' chair

Ref: 1876
  • Retailer

    Liberty & Co. (1875-present)

  • Detail

    Walnut, with painted and punched decoration

    75 x 37 x 42 cm

    English (probably High Wycombe), circa 1895

  • Marked

    ‘486’ stamped under seat

  • Literature

    Liberty & Co. Yuletide Gifts, 1893, p. 14 (for one of several Liberty & Co. trade catalogues in which this model is advertised)

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    This model derives from late eighteenth-century English vernacular ‘high comb back’ chairs; an example with Robert Young Antiques advertised on his Instagram post, 25 October 2021.

    In Liberty’s catalogue of ‘Yuletide Gifts’ , the present chair is ‘No. 106.  “The Antwerpen”  A quaint chair, strong and light, made of walnut, seat upholstered and covered with tapestry.  Price 15/-”

    In common with Liberty’s ‘Thebes’ stool, this pattern was either used or copied by the Austrian architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933); see, for example, B. Rukschio and R. Schachel, Adolf Loos.  Leben und Werk, 1987, p. 107.  For an example attributed to Loos see Dorotheum, Design, 20 June 2017, lot 27.