Ref: 1662
  • Designer / Manufacturer

    Thrown and painted by Quentin Bell (1910-96)

  • Detail

    Painted earthenware

    15 x 22.5 cm (diameter)

    English (Sussex), 1950s

  • Provenance

    Alan Pryce-Jones (1908-2000), and by descent

  • Notes

    For a discussion of Quentin Bell’s ceramics and the Bloomsbury Group, see Isabelle Anscombe, Omega and after: Bloomsbury and the Decorative Arts, 1981.  A bowl of the same form is shown in pl. 66.

    Alan Pryce-Jones, a writer and critic, was editor of the Times Literary Supplement (1948-59).

    We are grateful to Richard Shone for the dating of this bowl.