Pier table

Ref: 1661
  • Designer / Maker

    The design and manufacture attributed to George Bullock (1782/83-1818)

  • Detail

    Mahogany, ebony and ebonising, with, perhaps Breccia, marble top

    83.3 x 88.4 x 44.4 cm

    English (London), circa 1815

  • Notes

    The chaste design of this slender table, created to display a choice slab of, perhaps Breccia marble, has features in common with documented examples of furniture manufactured in Bullock’s London workshop.  Related tables were supplied to the Fergusons for Raith, and to the Nisbets for Biel – both in Scotland.  The ‘cupped’ foot is another distinctive Bullock feature; see, for example, the leg of a window seat in the ‘Wilkinson Tracings’ (City Museums and Art Gallery, Birmingham), M.3.74, f. 173.

    Although lacking any early provenance, this table was sold from the estate of an antique dealer long based in Scotland.