Two vases

Ref: 1657
  • Detail

    Porcelain, with gilt-bronze mounts

    Height: (vase one) 20 cm

    Height: (vase two) 21.1 cm

    Japanese, circa 1700 (the porcelain)

    English, early nineteenth century (the mounts)

    (note: there are minor repairs and losses to the porcelain)

  • Provenance

    Private collection, France

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    Very little work has been undertaken on early nineteenth-century English gilt-bronze.  Undoubtedly the best-known manufacturers are Benjamin Vulliamy (1747-1811) and his son Benjamin Lewis (1780-1854).  The Vulliamys produced ornaments extensively for George IV, and for many aristocratic patrons: candelabra, vases, inkstands, paper weights, and of course clocks.

    The present vases are undocumented and no directly comparable examples are known.  The rims, however, can be compared to those on vases supplied to George IV.  See, for example, Carlton House.  The Past Glories of George IV’s Palace, 1991, nos 48 and 49.