Silk damask curtains (a set of four): ‘Oak’ pattern

Ref: 1655
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by William Morris  (1834-96)

  • Detail


    Length: 337 cm

    Width: 100 cm (but vary)

    English, circa 1880

  • Provenance

    English private collection; H. Blairman & Sons; American private collection

  • Literature

    Linda Parry, William Morris Textiles, London, 1983, pp. 67-68

  • Condition

    Some edges showing signs of wear

  • Collection

    Private collection

  • Notes

    This is one of two silk damask patterns first designed for St James’s Palace.

    The ‘oak’ pattern was one of two designs for silk damasks made for the decorations of the Throne Room at St James’s Palace. The design was very popular and used extensively by Morris & Co. for furnishings and as the background for embroidery hangings.