Large vase

Ref: 1617
  • Designer / Maker

    Auguste Delaherche (1857-1940)

  • Detail

    Stoneware (grès)

    49 cm (high)

    French (Saint-Denis), early 1900s

  • Marked

    ‘Auguste / Delaherche / 6322’ (incised) and ‘404’ (on paper label; both under base, see right)

  • Notes

    The mark corresponds with the period 1896-1904, and the number, 6322, is towards the end of a run that finished at 7870; see Auguste Delaherche rêves d’argiles secrets d’émail, exhibition catalogue, 2001, p. 34.

    A closely related vase, slightly smaller and lacking handles, is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2013.486).  The label on that vase notes that ‘The green drip glaze on this vase may look accidental, but it was the result of planning and skill.  Called the “poet of stoneware,” Delaherche was a perfectionist who abandoned any technique having results that could not be predicted or reproduced.  He believed that anything achieved entirely by chance, no matter how beautiful, was not true art.’