Stove front & tile surround

Ref: 000012
  • Designer / Maker

    Designed by Thomas Jeckyll  (1827-81)

    Manufactured by Barnard, Bishop and Barnards  (1826-1955)

  • Detail

    Cast-iron, with hand-painted earthenware tiles

    109.8 x 77.5 cm

    The tiles initialled and dated ‘JCW 77’

    English (Norwich), circa 1877

  • Marked

    ‘BBB’, ‘Registered’ and with design registration mark (on reverse of stove front)

  • Notes

    The stove front is the first of many such designs supplied by Jeckyll to Barnard, Bishop and Barnards. It was registered on 24 November 1873 as ‘Class 1. Design for ‘Stove Front’ by Barnard, Bishop & Barnards, of Norfolk Iron Works, Norwich …’ (see Susan Weber Soros and Catherine Arbuthnott, Thomas Jeckyll Architect and Designer, 1821-81 (New Haven and London, 2003), p. 212). The same design was also available in cast iron.

    The hand-painted tiles, which have always been with the stove front, are signed and dated M8JCW77′ (on proper right plinth) and ‘JCW 77′ (on proper left plinth).

    It is largely on the basis of Jeckyll’s metalwork that his reputation survived into the twentieth century. In addition to stove fronts, he designed jardinieres, sconces, andirons, fenders, benches and so on. His most famous creation was Barnard, Bishop and Barnards’ Japanese pavilion for the Philadelphia Centennial, 1876 (see Soros and Arbuthnott,op. cit., pp. 201-39).