Door Frame

Ref: 000012
  • Designer / Maker

    George Bullock (1782/83-1818)

  • Detail

    Oak, inlaid with holly

    302.4 x 182.8 x 25.4 cm

    English (London), circa 1815

  • Notes

    The overall form of this door frame is a more modest variant of the doorway to George Bullock’s ‘Grecian Rooms’ probably at Tenterden Street (rather than Piccadilly); see Clive Wainwright, et al., George Bullock: Cabinet-Maker, London, 1988, fig. 2, reproduced here to the right.

    A similar marble doorway was at Panshanger (demolished), where Bullock’s regular collaborator William Atkinson was the architect – reproduced here to the right