Publications include

From the 1930s onwards, Blairman’s has periodically published catalogues, invariably to accompany small exhibitions. Topics have included such diverse subjects as Chinese mirror paintings, Marcellus Laroon and embossed bird pictures by William Hayes.  More recent publications include an edition of the Regency furniture designs from Rudolph Ackermann’s Repository of Arts; a monographic exhibition catalogue on the work of the cabinet maker George Bullock, a survey of ceramics by Theodore Deck, a catalogue of furniture designed by E.W. Godwin and, most recently, the Clive and Jane Wainwright Collection.

Ackermann’s Regency Furniture
& Interiors

In 1984, to celebrate its centenary, H.Blairman & Sons Ltd sponsored the publication of Ackermann’s Regency Furniture & Interiors. This valuable reprint of all the furniture designs published by Rudolph Ackermann between 1809 and 1828 is now out of print, and seldom available.

George Bullock:

George Bullock: Cabinet-Maker, exhibition catalogue, London, 1988. ISBN 0 7195454 0 4. With an introduction by Clive Wainwright, and contributions from Martin Levy, Timothy Stevens and Lucy Wood, this fully illustrated catalogue remains, to date, the most comprehensive overview of Bullock’s life and work.

Ellen Mary Rope:
The Poet Sculptor

Ellen Mary Rope: The Poet Sculptor, exhibition catalogue, London 1997. ISBN: 0 9523292 6 3. The illustrated catalogue includes original research by Suzanne Fagence et al. on this Arts & Crafts period sculptor, and catalogues many of the works left in her studio at the end of her life.

Napoleon in Exile

Martin Levy, Napoleon in Exile, Leeds, 1998. ISBN: 0 903335 08 5. Based almost entirely on contemporary records, this illustrated study explores, for the first time, how Napoleon was furnished on St Helena. The account to the British Government from the cabinet maker George Bullock is one of five documents published in full.

Théodore Deck Céramiste

Théodore Deck Céramiste, exhibition catalogue, London, 2000. ISBN: 0 9523292 2 0. With an introductory essay by Bernard Bumpus, this colour illustrated catalogue is the first major English language publication on the leading French art potter active during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Voysey’s Designs for Tomkinson & Adam

C.F.A. Voysey’s Designs for Tomkinson & Adam, catalogue, London, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9560432-5-2 With an introduction by Stuart Durant, this fully illustrated catalogue records previously unpublished Voysey designs for the leading Kidderminster carpet manufacturer Tomkinson & Adam. These carpet designs range in date from 1895 to 1907, when Voysey was at the height of his creative power. All the drawings are available for purchase, subject to prior sale.

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E.W. Godwin

E.W. Godwin: Furniture, London (2018) is a small, monographic catalogue, celebrating the work of one of the nineteenth century’s most renowned English architect / designers. With an introduction by Dr Susan Weber, this publication gives an overview of some of Godwin’s most iconic designs, works that justify his epithet: ‘the greater aesthete of them all’. The catalogue is sold for the benefit of the Bard Graduate Center Scholarship Fund, £15/$20. ISBN 978-0-9954573-0-0

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Regency Furniture
and Works of Art

In 2020, on the occasion of the two hundredth anniversary of the Prince Regent’s accession as George IV, we have produced our first online-only catalogue, to celebrate furniture and works of art created in England during the first quarter of the nineteenth century: the ‘Regency Period’. The catalogue opens with an illustrated introductory essay ‘From Thomas Hope to ‘Vogue Regency’ and beyond: the growing appreciation of Regency design during the twentieth century’.

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Household Furniture
and Interior Decoration

Household Furniture and Interior Decoration: an online only catalogue, originally published during lockdown.

A varied kaleidoscope, consciously highlighting furniture and furnishings for the domestic interior, but with apologies to Thomas Hope, who had something far grander in mind when he published his own Household Furniture and Interior Decoration in 1807. The thinking behind the selection might perhaps more accurately reflect William Morris’s famous dictum: ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’.

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Clive and Jane Wainwright Collection (London, 2023)

The catalogue of an exhibition held at 15 Queen Anne’s Gate, 21 June -14 July 2023.

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