PAD: setting up, and ready to go

Berkeley Square is once again at its magnificent, European best.  Over the weekend dealers in ‘art and design’ good-naturedly negotiated the chaos that is an art fair under construction.  Sandwiches and semi-drinkable coffee from the outside world sustained us as we hammered and hung, arranged and lit, tweaked and labelled.

Between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, our own black hole, at first barricaded by paint pots, ladders and crates, evolved from organised chaos (below) into a display which we look forward to presenting during the coming week.

In keeping with the ethos of the fair, which emphasises an aesthetic in tune with the twenty-first century, we have been able, once again, to concentrate on design from the the end of the nineteenth century and the early decades of the twentieth century.  The furniture, all from the English Arts & Crafts Movement includes a dining table designed by George Walton, a coffer manufactured by the Guild of Handicraft, and a chest of drawers designed by Gordon Russell.  We are also showing metalwork designed by Dr Christopher Dresser, much of which is useful as well as elegantly designed.

PAD opens to the public on Wednesday 15th October and runs until Sunday 19th October. Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like us to leave you a ticket for entry.