Pair of side chairs

Ref: 1994
  • Detail

    Oak, with (restored) caned seats

    99 x 49 x 54 cm

    English, circa 1820

  • Notes

    Although no attribution is offered for these chairs, there are distinctive stylistic features that are also found on a set of chairs at Abbotsford – see right, probably designed by William Atkinson (perhaps in conjunction with Richard Bridgens), and made late in 1818 in the workshop of George Bullock.  See, for example, the shaped seat rail, the faceted legs, and pendant terminations to the vertical struts in the backs.  The Abbotsford chairs are included in Clive Wainwright, et. al., George Bullock: Cabinet-Maker (1988), no. 17.

    The gothic chair backs can be compared to a design by George Smith published in Collection of Designs for Household Furniture (1808), p. 37 – see right.