Ref: 2050
  • Designer / Maker

    Manufactured by Ernest Chaplet (1835-1909)

    Decorated by Albert Dammouse (1848-1926)

    Workshop of Havilland et Compagnie

  • Detail

    Stoneware, with applied stoneware decoration and colour

    23 cm (high)

    French (Paris), 1882-86

  • Marks

    Initialled under the handle ‘A D’ for Damousse, and under base for Havilland, with initials and numbers (see right)

  • Notes

    Made in Havilland’s atelier at 153, rue Blomet, Paris.

    Several jugs and vases with comparable decoration were given in 1923 by George Havilland to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (for example, 23.31.3-5).

    Condition:  one applied ‘ring’ partially missing on the handle.