21 September 2014

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg: Raubkunst?

main Museum Kunst Gewerbe

Looted art (raubkunst) has been a more evident feature on museums' agendas, across the world, since an appropriate approach to art spoliated during the Nazi era (1933-45) was enshrined in the Washington Agreement (1998).  


15 September 2014

Loss and memory: William Beckford's Fonthill Abbey


The fitting climax to the consistently stimulating 'Recovering Fonthill' symposium and visits organised by Caroline Dakers (University of the Arts London, 12-13 September),


26 August 2014

The use of ivory in historic works of art: what does the public think?


There is simply no doubt that the public derides the slaughter of endangered species, specifically the African elephant.  What is equally certain is that there is no comparable, deeply felt outcry against works of art made of or using ivory.  Both these positions are reasonable and right.


8 August 2014

Antique ivory: the cup appears half full

Reading hourly of the human cost of events around the globe, it is sometimes hard to worry too much about ivory.  But in 'our' small world it is a significant issue, and one that we should continue to address.  Although throughout the States many are enjoying vacations, lobbying efforts in Washington and elsewhere continue unabated.


21 July 2014

Furniture and Works of Art 2014: some new information about J.E. Knox

bracket by J. Knox

Most years, following the publication of Furniture and Works of Art, we receive valuable additional information about one or more of the objects included.  Such responses tend to get tucked away for future use.  But now, with our new website, the opportunity exists to draw attention to these welcome contributions.