7 November 2014

A tale of two cities: new galleries in Boston and New Orleans

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has just opened a magnificent new gallery celebrating the seventeenth-century European Kunstkammer.  Different in ambition, but equally thought-provoking, is a gallery at the New Orleans Museum of Art, examining the Western concept of Orientalism during the nineteenth century.


13 October 2014

PAD: setting up, and ready to go

Berkeley Square is once again at its magnificent, European best.  Over the weekend dealers in 'art and design' good-naturedly negotiated the chaos that is an art fair under construction.  Sandwiches and semi-drinkable coffee from the outside world sustained us as we hammered and hung, arranged and lit, tweaked and labelled.


9 October 2014

Blairman's in the 1930s and 1940s: exhibition catalogues from our archive

Blairman in the 1930s

Philip Blairman (1896-1972), whom I remember well in his older age, remains an inspiration.  He had taste, curiosity and foresight.  It was my grandfather who saw our firm flourish in Harrogate and London, as well as, for a period, in New York.  


28 September 2014

PAD, London, 13-19 October 2014: Dr Christopher Dresser

PAD Christopher Dresser

Dr Christopher Dresser: a pioneer of modern design

Writing in 1937, Nikolaus Pevsner (1902-83) noted that 'While engaged in research on the origins of the Modern Movement quite by chance [he] came across the name and two isolated examples of the work of Christopher Dresser.'


21 September 2014

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg: Raubkunst?

main Museum Kunst Gewerbe

Looted art (raubkunst) has been a more evident feature on museums' agendas, across the world, since an appropriate approach to art spoliated during the Nazi era (1933-45) was enshrined in the Washington Agreement (1998).