21 April 2015

Ivory: no closer to an outbreak of common sense in the US?


Mirror Back, French (possibly Paris), 1350-75.  Metropolitan Museum of Art

There are still no signs of a pragmatic dialogue on the impact of Director’s Order 210 (February 2014) breaking out in the public arena. The fact that there are ‘sides’ in this debate remains a mystery. Everyone wants to save the elephant: period.


18 April 2015

'Some Silver by John Hardman & Co for Charles Lygon Cocks': a new discovery


In 1996, the Decorative Arts Society Journal (20) published Martin Levy, 'Some Silver by John Hardman & Co for Charles Lygon Cocks' (pp. 1-10).  The article discusses silver supplied to various members of the Cocks family, and in depth a group of silver supplied in 1870 for Charles Lygon Cocks (1821-85) of Treverbyn Vean, on the occasion of his marriage to Josephine Nagle. Each piece of this wedding gift, presumably designed by John Hardman Powell, but overseen by Cocks himself, ...


9 March 2015

A weekend in Maastricht: preparing for TEFAF 2015


We left London in a somewhat relaxed mood, after breakfast at the incomparable Little Bread Pedlar, but then our Eurotunnel crossing was delayed.  Some two hours later than scheduled, however, we arrived in the MECC to find that the indefatigable Aston Spinks had unloaded their truck and intuitively placed perfectly all the larger furniture.  We hung an awkward Pugin clock and then called it a day.


6 March 2015

TEFAF, 2015: we are on our way

Creating stands for art fairs never loses its appeal.  Each March, by the time 'Maastricht' comes around, we will have spent the previous twelve months or more gathering together a group of fresh objects that we can present in a coherent display.

The design process invariably begins on a scrap of paper (see above), before being drawn up, more or less to scale, to ensure that optimism does not tempt us into taking pieces that will not sit harmoniously together.  This year, we are fortunate to ha...


5 February 2015

Ivory: a ray of sunshine from Alaska

A bipartisan bill was introduced into the House of Representatives yesterday to protect lawful ivory possession.  

'... the legislation, the African Elephant Conservation and Legal Ivory Possesion Act of 2015, would effectively end the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's unilateral moratorium on the importation, exportation, and sale of lawfully possesed ivory, while also making significant efforts to assist anti-poaching efforts in countries with elephant populations.'