22 June 2015

Masterpiece 2015: the lure of luxury in London

Masterpiece looks set, once again, to achieve its ambition of presenting a luscious array of luxurious objects to lighten the chill of a London summer.  The weekend saw a building site being transformed into a glamorous shop window for works of art from across the millennia: paintings, drawings, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, silver and so much more. 

For our own part, we spent Saturday carefully converting a blank black box into a temporary display of, mainly nineteenth-century, decorative ar...


2 June 2015

Furniture and Works of Art, 2015: now online

In the middle of last week we received a pallet-load of cartons containing the latest edition of our annual publication  Furniture and Works of Art; it is 'sage green' this year, for those who always refer to these by the cover colour.  With all hands to the pump, and particular thanks to Sara and Betty, the catalogue went into the post on Thursday May 28th.


26 May 2015

Summer in London: our new catalogue, and Masterpiece


As June approaches, the traditional art market in London will once again be centre stage.  

We are about to send out the 2015 edition of our annual catalogue Furniture and Works of Art. This year we include a cup and saucer commissioned by William Beckford (see below), a silver and enamel beaker designed by A.W.N. Pugin for Elizabeth Knill, chairs designed by C.F.A. Voysey (see above), a piano designed by C.R. Ashbee and a 'Savoy' vase designed by Alvar Aalto.


15 May 2015

Instagram: eye-catching thoughts on the move


In circumstances that are beyond ridiculous, I recently lost my BlackBerry somewhere between New York and Chicago.  So, following years of lobbying by Clive Wilson (responsible for this website) I have been persuaded to move on to an iPhone.  I am already a convert, and am learning all its tricks.


21 April 2015

Ivory: no closer to an outbreak of common sense in the US?


Mirror Back, French (possibly Paris), 1350-75.  Metropolitan Museum of Art

There are still no signs of a pragmatic dialogue on the impact of Director’s Order 210 (February 2014) breaking out in the public arena. The fact that there are ‘sides’ in this debate remains a mystery. Everyone wants to save the elephant: period.