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Hammered steel

6 x 15.5 cm (max. width)

English (presumably Cotswolds), probably first quarter of twentieth century 


Everything about the design suggests that this chamberstick is the work of Ernest Gimson (1864-1919). Indeed, a modern brass reproduction that is a variant is said to be 'after a design by Gimson'.  However, on detailed research, there appears to be no evidence.

Although opinion is divided, an attribution to Gimson still seems at least reasonable.  Mary Greensted and Barley Roscoe both feel that it looks right, but agree with our caution against making a firm attribution. Annette Carruthers also thinks that the attribution is possible, and notes: 'There is a mini sketch in the Job Book, p.84, of four in brass with Schultz's name crossed out. The form is not identical but it is such a small sketch that this is probably not significant. The problem with this, however, is that it could easily have been made by either of the Bucknells after Gimson or with Jewson, so I am dubious about giving it a firm provenance without evidence, so [it] is right to be cautious.'  

An identical brass chamberstick is in a private collection.


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